The View From The Top

New Orleans Family Trip 2012 © SNTP

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The plane was airborne for almost six hours now and the sun is preparing itself to rise from the east.

I was lucky to get a seat adjacent to the window. Besides the fact that it gave me the opportunity to be left alone, I’ve always wanted to see the planet from a completely different view – from the top.

It was amazing, as it always had been.

To see clouds spreading like white soft linen over the green mountains and the vast blue seas.

How magnificent it is to see the earth from a distance (thanks Bette Midler for that song). This chance would only last for a few more hours so I might as well enjoy every second of it.

Soon I will be back to the waiting world of cruelty and cataclysm, conflict and hostilities. Given the break, I would prefer to stay here for eternity and marvel at this seemingly incomparable magnum opus.

Here, where there is only beauty and peace, tranquility and silence (I’ve got my headphones!).  Isn’t it wonderful to be watching the rest of the planet (and the universe) as it continued to exist from this point of view?

“You don’t know what you’re saying. You’re kidding, right?” A voice, or was it my thought?


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“This view, believe me, is the worst place in the universe that you could probably think of. But I only stayed here because I love you.

Because I love my creations. I never blink for a single moment so that everything that happens down there won’t escape my sight.

Do you really think I enjoyed watching you as you slowly and incessantly destroy the world that I thought you would take care of?

How many wars that you wage against each other did I witness from here? You never knew how it pained me as I watch you slaughter your own brothers!

They are my creations too! I tried to warn you several times but no one actually listens. Sometimes I even got blamed for the catastrophes that you yourself initiated because of your recklessness  and senseless violations of nature!”


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“I gave some of your brothers wealth and affluence so that they may share it.

But I watched them instead conquer others with their weapons and leave the rest of the planet in hunger, and I was sad.”

“I gave some of them the privilege of faith so that they may spread them across and inspire others.

But I watched them instead deceive and proliferate pretense and fraud  ,and I was sad.”

“ And still I gave some the beauty of nature so that they may learn to appreciate my creations  and yet they destroy and even sold it for their own gain, and I was sad”.

“And I watched all of these from here, and I was sad”.

“When I created you, I gave you the freedom to choose and a sense of judgement that goes with it. Did you really used both or just the first one?

I tried to interfere sometimes because I had to. You may never knew it, or failed to recognize it.

Didn’t gave you intelligence and resources so that you yourself may discover the ways of  making your life better? I want to see you grow and develop from a primitive life to what you are now.

But what have you made? Weapons that itself threatens your own existence?

Technologies that infringed the very law of nature and abused yourself. I watched all of these from where I am now and I was sad.”

 “Sometimes I don’t know whether it was a mistake creating you”

“But no, I will never give up on you as I had promised. There were times I had to allow my enemy to reign over you.

This is to remind you to come to me, call upon me. A few did. But only when they are at their worst. “

“ So don’t convince yourself that the view from here is gratifying. “

“Well, I had to admit, there were times you made me smile too. Which lead me to believe you are not a really a hopeless case. Not yet…”

And I woke up? NO! I WAS WIDE AWAKE…

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking, please fasten your seatbelts, we are now approaching…”


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