MH370 Mystery May Never Be Solved, Says Experts

MH370 Mystery May Never Be Solved, Says Experts

Aviation experts doubted the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370 will ever be solved, even as search teams struggle to locate the black box of the ill-fated aircraft across the vast spans of deep, abysmal waters in the southern part of Indian Ocean where it believed to have crashed.

The challenges itself for the black box to be recovered is extremely daunting and the prospect that it may provide answers on the MH370 puzzle is far from encouraging, said a US-based aviation consultancy firm.

According to Leeham Co, while the flight data recorder ‘should provide a wealth of information’, it retains only the last two hours of conversations before the plane crashed.

This means the communication exchanges between the cockpit and ground control at the point the plane diverted its course, which is very crucial to the investigation, will be lost.

“Clearly, it won’t reveal anything that happened over the Gulf of Thailand — this will have been overwritten by the end of MH370,” Leeham Co. said. (Click here to read more)


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