Instagram post of woman boasting looted mascara from MH17 passenger on sparks outrage

A woman from a town in eastern Ukraine draws condemnation online after she posted on Instagram photos of a mascara, apparently one of the looted items from passengers of doomed Malaysian Flight MH17.

The Ukrainian woman describing herself as a ‘separatist’ from Torez, eastern Ukraine and nicknamed Zolotusya posted on Instagram a photo with the caption (translated): “Mascara from Amsterdam, from the field to be precise, you know what I mean.”

She was later identified as Ekaterina Parkhomenko from Torez, which is just a few miles from the MH17 crash site.

When one of her Instagram followers asked where the mascara came from, Zolotusya replied: “One looter I know gave it to me, let’s put it this way.” (Click here to read more)

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