Polish priest claims to be receiving text messages from Satan

A priest from south-eastern Poland claimed to have received angry text messages from the Devil himself after performing an exorcism on a young girl.

And judging from the kind of messages the Beast sent, it is apparent the devil is not happy with what the priest has been trying to do in helping the girl freed from demonic possession.

Father Marian Rajchel, the parish priest of Jaroslaw town, told local news reporters he had exchanged messages with the Prince of Darkness after a failed exorcism on a girl whose soul still remains possessed by the devil, according to The Austrian Times.

The priest added it is not impossible for Satan and his followers to use modern technology such as mobile phones although in most cases these works of evil concoction were not immediately recognized.

“Often the owners of mobile phones are not even aware that they are been used like this, however in this case it is clear,” Rajchel explained.

One of the messages Father Rajchel allegedly received and was shown to the reporters, read: “She will not come out of this hell. She’s mine. Anyone who prays for her will die.” (Click here to read more)


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