Grieving father of MH17 passenger writes Putin a heartbreaking letter

A grief-stricken Dutch father has poured out his heart over the death of his daughter by writing an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and then posted it on Facebook.

Hans de Borst lost his 17-year-old daughter Elsemiek de Borst to the MH17 tragedy on July 17 after the Malaysian jetliner was reportedly shot down while flying over war-torn Ukrainian airspace on Thursday morning.

Elsemiek was travelling to Malaysia with her mother, a brother and stepfather. All four perished in the tragedy along with 280 other passengers and 15 crew members of the ill-fated flight, 193 of whom are Dutch nationals.

Written in Dutch, the grieving man signed his letter as from “a father whose life is ruined.” It has since went viral on social media.

Roughly translated in English by one Lenart Peeters, Mr. Borst’s letter read as follows:

Thank you very much mister Putin, leaders of the separatists or the Ukraine government!

For murdering my loved and only child, Elsemiek de Borst! (Click here to read more)

She was 17 years old, 5th “gymnasium” student at the “Segbroek College” in Den Haag.


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