VIDEO: World’s youngest alcoholic at 2 in China sparks outrage and alarm

While toddlers his age cries for milk, this 2-year-old boy from China screams for wine and alcohol. And now his parents are heavily criticized for the boy’s extraordinary ability to gulp a bottle of beer faster than his own father.

Cheng Cheng, whose family is from eastern province of Anhui, developed his incredible penchant for alcohol back when he was still 10 months old. To stop him from crying then, his father gave him a drop of wine using a chopstick.

Unfortunately, the bitter taste did not discourage the boy from tasting for more. His dosage increased as he grew older. Cheng Cheng downed his first bottle of beer before his first birthday.

Now two years old, the boy, also known as ‘Little Winebibber’, reportedly can finish a bottle of beer in a few minutes without any noticeable effect.

At first, the parents and relatives were astounded by the boy’s exceptional appetite for alcoholic drinks, and even joked about it. (Click here to read more)


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