Malaysian millionaire-blogger shares the sacrifice of his Filipina maid

A Malaysian blogger and a multi-millionaire executive has won not only a few hearts after he shared the story about their Filipina maid on his blogsite; her sacrifices on being an overseas domestic worker who had to leave her kids back home to care for somebody else’s child.

Timothy Tiah, the co-founder of nuffnang, the world’s leading blog advertising community, and ChurpChurp, a community for social media influencers, narrated in his website how their Filipina maid, whom he called only ‘Geraldine’(not her true name), has slowly become part of the family in her two years stay with the Tiahs.

Tiah said Geraldine used to be very shy and quiet when she started working for them two years ago. In the first few weeks, he would often find her looking outside the window, with tears in her eyes. When asked, Geraldine would just wipe her tears, say nothing and walk away.

“We thought that perhaps to add to the anxiety of being away from home alone, she probably missed her family, too,” Timothy wrote. “So my wife and I arranged for her to call home as often as we could.” (Click here to read more)


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