Singaporean employers now hire private detectives to spy on maids during day-offs

SINGAPORE – More Singaporean employers are now tapping the services of private investigators to trail their maids during off days and monitor their activities, according to The Straits Times report.

Employers have resorted to such steps because of their apparent concern for safety. The demand for hiring private detectives to spy on maids has increased significantly since last year after it became compulsory for employers to give househelps a weekly day off.

One employer, 27-year-old Shova Devi, narrated her experience to The Straits Times regarding an Asian maid whom she got suspicious of after she found out the domestic worker had started chatting with someone late into the night.

“I didn’t know if she had a boyfriend and I was worried for our safety if she brought her boyfriend home,” Devi, an administrative assistant, said.

Devi then decided in February to hire a private eye, James Loh, to investigate the maid’s activities during day-off and found out her employee had a Bangladeshi boyfriend with whom she would meet to ‘eat, shop and check into a budget hotel.’ (Click here to read more)


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