World’s dumbest? Burglar arrested because he forgot to logout from FB using victim’s computer

DAKOTA COUNTY, Minnesota – If there’s any citation for being the world’s dumbest criminal, a burglar from Minnesota will no doubt win the award, hands-down.

Nicholas Wig, 26, decided to rob a house in South St. Paul, Minnesota on June 19, but the police need not work hard to identify and arrest him.

First, he checked in on his Facebook account using the house owner’s computer, but left without logging out. And if that’s not ridiculously stupid enough, he agreed to meet the owner who told him to collect some clothes he left behind in exchange for some things he stole.

On June 19, the house owner James Wood found out his house was ransacked and some of his belongings were missing – credit cards, check books and cash. Strangely ‘though, he found an unfamiliar pair of Nike shoes, a belt and trousers.

When he went to check his computer, it was on and running, with the Facebook account of Wig still logged on. Wood immediately reported the matter to the Minnesota police who went on to identify the burglar from his social media account. (Click here to read more)


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