German blogger-traveller praises PH: “A country that has it all”

MANILA, Philippines – “A country that has it all” – this is how German blogger, travel enthusiast and adventurer Philipp Dukatz described the Philippines after enjoying a 3-month stay in the country.

His article “Round Up Philippines: A country that has it all” from his blogsite ESCapology, detailing his wonderful and unforgettable experience as he travelled across the country, was featured in the website Choose Philippines and has drawn admiration and praises from netizens.

“Last year, I traveled all across South East Asia, visited every country of this region, but it was in the Philippines where I lost my heart. A country that has it all and that is probably my favorite country after all,” wrote Philipp.

Philipp was intrigued by the thought of travelling to the Philippines after two of her female friends (sisters) he met in Indonesia a few years back told him about their own “ absolutely crazy” experience, and who made it sound “almost too good”.

He finally decided to go and see the things for himself. He traveled to the country along with his two other Belgian friends but was only planning to stay for two months.

Somehow, he was hoping he will not be disappointed with the fairly high expectations from stories he heard from the sisters.

“But in the case of the Philippines, all of the expectations, all of the anticipation was more than justified,” Philipp would later find out. (Click here to read more)


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