Knife falls on man’s head, but it takes a while before he notices

It would be a scary sight watching a man walking on the street with a knife protruding from his head.

More so, if the man himself is unaware or failed to even notice his head just caught the most unlikely thing to ever fall from above and landed uneventfully.

This is exactly what happened to a 57-year-old Chinese man named Xiao Yunzhi from Guangyuan, Sichaun Province, who was taking a stroll on the street in his hometown when a five-inch knife fell and landed straight into his head.

Apparently Xiao did not notice anything as he continued walking several meters further until he felt “something heavy” on top of his head.

First, shock overcame Mr. Xiao when a local tobacco store owner pointed out there is a menacing 5” inch knife that “grew” out of his head. Extreme pain followed later, the man recalled. (Click here to read more)


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