VIDEO: Derailed Swiss train falls into ravine; all passengers ‘miraculously’ survive

ZURICH, Switzeraland – A train in Switzerland was derailed due to mudslides on Wednesday, following heavy rains that poured overnight near the village of Tiefencastel about 30 miles from the town of St. Moritz.

One of the carriages reportedly fell 30 feet into the ravine, injuring eleven passengers. Five suffered serious injuries while six others were slightly injured. None of the injuries were life threatening ‘though, according to responding paramedics.

The Albula train, operated by Rhätische Bahn, is a popular tourist route and was carrying 140 passengers when it crashed after running into a mudslide, sending the three carriages off track and one down into the cliff, about 1:00 pm local time on Wednesday.

The train was on its way from the ski resort in St. Moritz to the city of Chur when the accident occurred between the mountain tracks of Tiefencastel in the Graubuenden region. (Click here to read more)


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