Girl, 4, survives in bear-infested Siberian forest for 11 days

With only a puppy to defend her and wild cherries to eat, Karina Chitikova survived a harrowing 11 days of freezing cold nights in a Siberian forest where bears roam freely looking for prey.

Karina’s tale of survival has become unimaginable, almost a miracle for many, primarily because she is a small girl hardly five years of age.

She was reportedly found by rescuers on August 6 after 11 days of extensive search after Karina went missing last July 29, local media said. Although undernourished and thin from lack of food, the girl looks well enough to survive.

Karina was living in a remote, tiny village in Sakha region in northeastern Russia where the native Yakut people only survived on hunting and reindeer herding. Only a handful of people live in the village where there wasn’t even a mobile phone signal.

Her father sometimes stayed in a small hut in the middle of Siberian wilderness when hunting.

On July 29, Karina set off on a journey on her own, accompanied only by her dog, to stay with her father in the forest. Unfortunately, he was not at the hamlet when she arrived, but attending to a bushfire a few miles away. (Click here to read)


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