Sleeping ATCs forces Chinese plane to abort landing

A Chinese passenger plane was forced to abort landing procedure after three successive calls to air traffic controllers (ATCs) on the ground went unanswered, a government report said on Tuesday.

According to the transcript of flight recording released by China’s Civil Aviation Administration, the China Eastern Airlines Corp. passenger jet was scheduled to land at Wuhan Tianhe Airport and was on its descent, but was forced to climb up to 900 meters again after repeated attempts to contact the control tower failed to get a response.

The investigation report said it found out the air traffic controllers were unable to control sleepiness and fell into a short nap, unaware of the descending aircraft trying to establish contact for landing instructions.

The incident reportedly happened on July 8, but the investigation was only completed and released recently.

The red-eye flight was scheduled for landing around 2-3 am, but was forced to go back into the air and circled the airport for 10 minutes while desperately waiting for a reply from ground control who, unbeknownst to them, were comfortably dozing off. (Click here to read more)


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