iPhone over GF? Exasperated woman drags phone-addict BF across subway

Hell hath no fury for a woman, well… favored over iPhone?

A young man in China found the answer a little too late when his exasperated girlfriend forcibly dragged him out and across a subway station after he refused to stop tinkering and playing on his iPhone.

What started as a simple lover’s feud inside a subway train escalated into a full-blown ‘rampage’ after a visibly-irked girlfriend snapped over her boyfriend’s lackadaisical reaction to her prodding to stop the game-playing and photo-taking using his mobile.

When the woman finally reached her boiling point, she dragged him bodily out of the carriage, snatching the Iphone from his hand. But her boyfriend refused to let go of the phone, and as can be seen in a series of pictures taken by onlookers, his eyes were still fixed on whatever he was playing.

Refusing to give up, the woman had to use her legs to separate her boyfriend from her ‘rival’, locking her feet against the man’s jaw to free the phone from his grasp, to no avail. (Click here to read more)


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