Viral Video: 3-year-old girl drops the F-word during “Ice Bucket Challenge”

This cute and adorable toddler becomes an Internet sensation; probably not because she is  one of the youngest to take on hugely popular social media craze ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but for her unexpected reaction while being doused with a bucket of water.

Scarlett Rose-Davis, 3, believed to be from the United Kingdom, apparently begged her grandparents to participate in the charity craze sweeping the whole world recently after watching lots of people taking on the challenge on television.

Her grandmother, Carla Davis-Ball, said she almost “fainted and died” when Scarlett sprang out of the chair and blurted out the F-word during the drenching.

“I couldn’t believe it when she came out with that language,” Mrs. Ball said.

Grandma also believes Scarlett may have picked up the word while they were out on a meal or when they took the girl to town, knowing her granddaughter picks up things so easily like a sponge.

But Mrs. Ball said Scarlett know it was wrong.

In the video below, Scarlett can be seen sitting on a chair making her own nomination as she waited for the bucket of water to be doused on her. (Click here to read more)


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