Building worker nearly falls to death after boy cuts rope

A worker in China narrowly escaped death after the rope he was hanging from while drilling on the side of an apartment building was cut by a child who complained of the noise.

The kid was reportedly watching television from a nearby room when worker, Liu Mai, started drilling for a security light fix on the wall while hanging 30 meters from the ground.

Annoyed and acting on impulse, the boy took a knife and proceeded to cut the rope used by the worker.

Liu said he watched in horror as the knife-wielding kid succeeded in cutting the first rope while he was hanging for his dear life from the second before rescuers arrived. He told local police he shouted at the boy and tried to stop him, but the kid was apparently determined to complete his mission.

“I was using an electric drill to fit security lights to the outside of the building when I felt my safety rope shaking. I looked up to see what was wrong,” Liu recalled his ordeal in horror. (Click here to read more)


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