Wife also cheated on Schwarzenegger with campaign strategist?

Maria Shriver, wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, cheated on the Hollywood actor with her husband’s key adviser during election campaign, and long before his own affair was exposed, an article from The New York Post said.

Citing sources from the former California governor’s employees, the magazine said Shriver would flaunt her supposed affair with Matthew Dowd in front of the staff when Schwarzenegger was out of town. The two would take long walks together and spend time alone after meetings, it further said.

The romantic tryst between Shriver, 58, and Dowd, 53, allegedly took place during Schwarzenegger’s reelection campaign where the latter was working as the governor’s campaign strategist.

The sources also told The Post that Shriver has been playing the victim and the betrayed wife for years, when in fact she herself was carrying on an illicit relationship with Dowd, now an ABC analyst.

When Schwarzenegger eventually found out about the affair, Dowd was pushed out of the governor’s inner circle and fights between the husband and wife became more frequent and continued during the campaign trail. (Click here to read more)


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