Viral: Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob beat up angry driver in hilarious road rage

Who says only the ‘violent duo’ Tom and Jerry can get rough when provoked?

An angry Russian driver found out even the often ‘good-natured’ Mickey Mouse and the adorable Sponge Bob Square pants do flip out if challenged.

The bizarre, yet hilarious, road rage took place in the street of the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia on Saturday around 2:30 am, involving men dressed in cartoon characters, according to The Moscow Times.

A short clip below shows a mini-van travelling in a not-so-busy street as captured by someone from another car. Seconds later, a pick-up truck can be seen speeding up and appeared to be chasing the van which could mean there may have been a prior altercation between the two vehicles.

After catching up, the truck cut the van in its lane, forcing the latter to stop in the middle of the street. The truck driver, then went out and confronted the driver of the van, banging the door and obviously angry. (Click here to read more)


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