Man gives 7-year-old daughter electric shock using dog collar

A man from Sheboygan, Wisconsin is facing child abuse charges after it was reported he gave his 7-year-old daughter an electric shock using a dog collar, one which is used to train canine.

The 28-year-old father, Zachary Kacmar, allegedly clipped the dog collar around his daughter’s neck and proceeded to press the remote control sending electric shock to the young girl’s frail body. The incident reportedly took place last August 30 inside the family’s home at 1120 High Avenue.

However, it was only on September 10 when the incident was reported by the mother because she was scared and don’t want her husband to get into trouble, the Sheboygan Press said. After consulting a local pastor, the woman decided to report the matter to the police.

According to the mother, she did not personally witness the incident but only learned about it after her daughter came running upstairs crying and appeared to be in pain. She then saw the mark on her neck from what looked like a mark which could have been caused by a dog collar. (Click here to read)


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