Video: Woman berates teener inside mall over “too revealing” shirt

A Singaporean teener’s “too revealing” outfit became the subject of a visibly irate woman’s rants inside the basement of a shopping mall in Takashamiya.

In the video below which has become viral on You Tube, a very displeased middle-aged woman accosted the girl for wearing a bareback shirt revealing some skin and her undergarment which is apparently too much for the “auntie”.

The two never knew each other and it was just a chance encounter inside the mall, but the woman confronted her as if she was her mother.

The woman can be heard yelling at the top of her voice: “Next time, you better wear your clothes properly, I’m warning you!”

“This is not proper dressing,” she added, before dropping the word “ you’re S**t” and started to walk away.

But she turned back again and yelled more curses before the clip ends. (Click here to read more)


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