Luy: “I saw Jinggoy sign endorsement of fake Napoles NGO”

MANILA, Philippines – In his latest courtroom testimony, Benhur Luy revealed he personally handed Senator Jinggoy Estrada a letter endorsing one of Janet Lim-Napoles fake NGOs for signature, and saw the lawmaker sign the document.

The incident, according to Luy, allegedly happened during a party at the 42nd Floor of the Discovery Suites in Ortigas sometime in 2012. In the same building at 25th Floor is where Luy used to work at the office of Napoles’ JLN Corporation.

Taking the witness stand during the Sandiganbayan bail hearing of the accused Estrada and Napoles, Luy told the court the senator was present in that party organized by his cousin and former boss. He allegedly approached Estrada to hand over an endorsement letter for the senator’s signature.

Luy further testified that among the other guests in the party were Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and actor Tirso Cruz III.

“He (Sen. Jinggoy) was there. I asked him to sign an endorsement letter,” Luy said in Filipino.

However, Luy admitted he never personally witnessed Napoles and Estrada talking about pork barrel commissions. He told Sandiganbayan Fifth Division Chairman Roland Jurado he only overheard a telephone conversation between the two accused, with Estrada complaining to Napoles about his kickback being short by P10,000.

Luy also confirmed knowing personally Estrada’s chief of staff, Paulen Labayen, who is one of the co-accused in the plunder case. (Click here to read more)


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