Amazing viral story|How the helpful SLEX gas attendants save a woman’s day

MANILA, Philippines – Below is a touching story that fully fits the cliché “faith in humanity restored”, and a testament to the compassionate nature of many Filipinos.

It is the true story of a woman nicknamed Mei Pop and how the staff of a gas station along South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) went out of their way to save her day.

Mei Pop posted the heartwarming tale on her Facebook account; recalling her predicament just a few days back. She was driving along SLEX when it suddenly hit her she didn’t have cash to pay for the toll.

The only option she had back then was to drive to the nearest gas station and pray there would be an ATM machine available. Unfortunately, there was none.

So what did the staff of the gas station did to help her? Here is her full account (This has also been posted on blogsites Enough Said and When in Manila):

While I was preoccupied by so many things and SLEx was almost zero visibility because of the typhoon, I forgot that I had to make a pitstop to get cash from an ATM at a gas station just before my exit at Southwoods. That’s after making a mental note that I had to do it since I only had 90 bucks on me and I need 62 bucks more to pay the toll fee. Rattled, I decided to go to the next and last gas station southbound, which was two exits away from where I was, only to find out from the gasoline boys, after briefly telling them about my problem, that no ATM machines were available there.

So I parked the car as panic was rapidly setting in and tried to contact my husband for SOS. At that point, one of the gasoline boys came up to me. Upon rolling the window down, I saw that he was handing over a few 20 bucks and said that he and the others chipped in in order to help me and that they were hoping that the money amounting to a hundred is enough for me to take the next exit and look for an ATM machine. (Click here to read more)

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