Why an MMDA mini footbridge became the subject of online confusion

MANILA, Philippines – A picture of a mini footbridge built by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is making the rounds on social media and creates a stir among netizens who are mostly dumbfounded as to its purpose.

Quite obviously, the mini footbridge built inside a park at the Quirino Grandstand appears to look like just a miniature bridge compared to what the public normally see and use across the streets of Metro Manila.

Its size is relatively small – width is narrow and the height is definitely unsuitable for large and tall vehicles usually crossing under a normal footbridge.

The consternation, and the outrage that followed, was sparked by a comment from a netizen nicknamed “Nick” accompanying the photo in question. It read:

“MMDA mini foot bridge project at Quirino Grandstand. Mentioned as one of the ‘Weirdest Project in the World’. Only in the Philippines. We didn’t only waste money, but it made us look dumb in the International Engineering Community.”

It was enough for other unknowing social media users to follow suit and bombarded the MMDA project with negative criticisms and bashing the agency for what they believed was a useless structure that serves nothing but to waste money.

It turned out however the mini footbridge was built at the MMDA Children’s Safety Park in Quirino Grandstand for the purpose of teaching small children regarding road safety.

A photo of the same structure was, in fact, uploaded on the Facebook page of MMDA showing children being taught by an officer on how to use the bridge safely.

According to the website When in Manila, the controversial photo, was actually taken and originally uploaded in 2012 by one Atty. Yves Gonzales. When the picture went viral recently, he called the attention of “Nick” and clarified the misleading caption Gonzales described as not “reflective of the truth.” (Click here to continue)


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