ISIS releases 2nd propaganda video featuring British prisoner John Cantlie

True to its earlier promise, the ISIS released the second installment of what it described as lecture videos featuring captured British journalist John Cantlie.

The second propaganda video follows the first one released a week ago titled “Lend me your ears” where Cantlie promised to “expose the truth behind the systems and motivations of the Islamic State” in a series of “programs”.

Like the first video, Cantlie is alone and still wearing the familiar orange jumpsuit sitting behind a table and appears to be reciting the message from a prepared script.

This time he again introduced himself as the British journalist abandoned by his government and a long-time prisoner of the Islamic State.

At the beginning, Cantlie said he will discuss “how the Western governments are hastily marching towards all-out war in Iraq and Syria without paying any heed to the lessons of the recent past.”

“And how they are using the persuasive approach to lure the public back into the conflict,” he continued.

Throughout the 5 minutes 55 seconds clip, Cantlie quoted some of the US top intelligence and government officials’ views on President Barack Obama’s effort to crush the Islamist extremists by launching airstrikes in areas they occupied in Iraq and Syria.

“President Obama does not have the slightest intention of defeating the Islamic State which would require the aerial slaughter and boots on the ground demolishing of the mujahideen.” Cantlie said supposedly quoting words from former CIA chief-turned-vigorous-anti-intervention-campaigner Michael Scheuer.

He also quoted former New Jersey governor Thomas Kean who said: “Intelligence officials failed to anticipate the emergence of the Islamic State. We certainly didn’t anticipate them going across the border into Iraq and declaring themselves a caliphate.”

The latest ISIS propaganda video came on the heels of the recent airstrikes launched by the US military and joined by five Arab states bombing suspected strategic ISIS bailiwicks in Syria. (Click here to read more)


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