Ebola virus victims “rise from the dead”; strike fear and panic among locals

At least two victims of the dreaded Ebola virus have allegedly “resurrected” after dying and just before they were about to be buried; to the horror of those who witnessed the incident in a village in Nimba County, Liberia, a report from The New Dawn said.

The alleged “resurrection” is now striking fear and panic among local residents who are scared at the thought of having to live alongside those who “rose from the dead”, and whom the residents described as a “walking ghost”.

The New Dawn-Liberia reported the first case as a woman in her 40’s named Dorris Quoi of Hope Village Community who supposedly “regained life” in total disbelief of the residents and onlookers on Monday.

Another 60-year-old female named Ma Kebeh also allegedly resurrected just before she was taken for burial in the village. She was thought to have remained indoor for two nights without food and medication just before her alleged death.

Other bizarre news related to Ebola virus have been reported by local media recently, including a native doctor who claimed he can cure the virus, but also died himself from the infection last week.

While there is no scientific explanation yet about the “resurrection” of people who were inflicted with Ebola, others believe the two victims never actually died, but is still alive and remains in comatose.

The cases of these two women who have supposedly “risen from the dead” are the very first of its kind to be reported since the onslaught of Ebola virus in the African nations.

The latest report placed the casualties of the Ebola outbreak to around 2,800 people across five African countries while an estimated 5,800 is infected with the disease.

But the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in America believes these statistics of Ebola victims may have been “dramatically under reported.” (Click here to read more)


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