‘Horned’ murderer to jury after guilty verdict: “I’ll see you in hell”

After more than 36 hours over six days of deliberation, jurors at Hampden Superior Court in Springfield, Massachusetts convicted Caius Veiovis, 34, of three counts of first degree murder, kidnapping and intimidation of a witness.

In response, Veiovis shouted invectives at the jury  and threatened them after the court read the verdict.

“I’ll see you all in hell every f*cking one of you. I’ll see you all in hell,” he screamed.

Veiovis was found guilty of killing David Glasser, 44; Edward Frampton, 58, and Robert Chadwell, 47, all from Pittsfield, Massachussets. The murders took place last August 28, 2011.

The convicted murderer appeared in court sporting two rows of horn-like projections and a “666” tattoo on his forehead.  Veiovis, who was previously known as Roy Gutlinski, is a self-confessed vampire and Devil-worshipper.

Veiovis, along with fellow convicts Adam Lee Hall and David Chalue, kidnapped the three men in 2011. The victims’ mutilated and dismembered bodies were later found dumped on a private property.

Police investigation said Glasser was murdered to prevent him from testifying against one of the accused in an assault case. The other two victims, Frampton and Chadwell, were killed to eliminate witnesses in the kidnapping of their colleague.

Hall and Chalue were earlier convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the same case. Veiovis will reappear in court to hear his sentence.

Under Massachussets law, Veiovis is facing life sentence without the possibility of parole.

His lawyer, James Gavin Reardon, said while he respects the decision of the jury, his client will file an appeal citing lack of evidence and prejudice against Veiovis appearance.

“The overriding question, other than the lack of physical evidence against him, is to what extent does his appearance affect people, and that’s something that’s hard to measure,” Reardon told the media.

Of his client’s outburst inside the court threatening the jury, Reardon said it was an “understandable reaction” noting that the convict was in solitary confinement for the last three weeks. (Click here to read more)


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