Smooth criminal| Woman stealing donation can caught on cam

MANILA, Philippines – A closed circuit television (CCTV) footage showing a woman who stole a donation can with very little effort is making the rounds on social media after it was uploaded on Facebook by one Kurt C. Perez on September 24.

The “masterful heist” lasted no more than 1 minute and 30 seconds, from the moment the woman entered the establishment until she had the donation can safely tucked inside her bag.

The video clip which has been shared on several blogsites had many netizens appalled at such a detestable act, considering the content of the can is supposedly for some charity.

In the CCTV footage dated September 18, a middle-aged woman in blue shirt can be seen entering the store. The staff appeared to be busy attending to some customers leaving her target, the donation can, vulnerable to the suspect’s ‘evil plot’.

The woman used her own bag and two cardboard signs to conceal her skillful maneuver over a glass shelf where the can was placed, until she successfully pulled off with her scheme.

As can be seen, no one ever noticed the woman,who pretended to be one of the customers, even after she decided to leave the shop with her loot.

The woman was so bold and brazen she didn’t even think about being caught by a CCTV or bothered to cover her face all throughout the caper. (Click here to watch the CCTV footage)


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