Pacman on Mayweathers’ Instagram trash talk: “He acts like an uneducated person”

MANILA, Philippines – Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao said he was not offended by Floyd Mayweather’s trash talking him on Instagram and Twitter, even supposedly insulting his wife Jinkee and his pay-per-view ratings.

On Friday, Mayweather posted a photo of a knocked-out Pacquiao when the former was floored by Juan Miguel Marquez during their fourth match last December 8, 2012.

It was accompanied by a caption that read:

“My new boxing DVD is coming soon and is called ‘3 Ways to Sleep’. Back, Face, and Butt and I’m Falling and I Can’t Get Up. Miss Pac Man is broke and desperate for a pay day. Your Pay-Per View numbers are a joke.”

In an interview with GMA’s 24 Oras during the dedication ceremony of his youngest son, Israel, Pacman said he is not angry at the seemingly “low blow” Mayweather can come up with, but actually took pity on the American champion.

“Di naman ako nagagalit sa kanya,” Pacquiao told GMA. “Naaawa pa ako sa kanya because he acts like an uneducated person, so, pangit.”

(I don’t feel angry at him. I actually pity him because he acts like an uneducated person, so it doesn’t look good [for him]).

“Pero naaawa ako, I’m praying for him,” the Saranggani congressman added.

(But I felt sorry for him, I’m praying for him.)

Apparently, Mayweather’s post was a reply to a tweet by Pacquiao referring to the latest controversy the American is currently facing over his alleged participation in the ‘marijuana parties’ while training inside his gym.

Mayweather was summoned to appear before the Nevada State Athletic Commission to explain the truth behind the controversial party footage found on the promotional documentary “All Access”. He had since denied it is true, and explained the marijuana used in the video was a “fake”.

On September 24, Manny Pacquiao posted a message on Twitter expressing his opinion that his nemesis does not actually want to fight him. He wrote: @FloydMayweather‘s testimony to the commission on All Access’ authenticity tells me everything I need to know about his desire to fight me.

The two boxers have been hugging the sports limelight lately especially when Mayweather initially opened the door for the much-anticipated match between him and Pacquiao to happen. But the boxing world’s excitement was quickly doused with cold water when the American announced his latest seemingly impossible demands in order for the much-awaited fight between them to finally happen. (Click here to read more)


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