UAE female fighter pilot in ISIS blitz disowned by family?

While the world celebrated her courage, the family of Major Mariam Al-Mansouri from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), didn’t share the enthusiasm of many people and had, in fact, reportedly disowned her for taking part in the US-led airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

Mansouri captured the hearts and admiration of the world, especially the West, after she was featured in international media as among those who joined the bombing of territories occupied by the Islamist extremist group.

She is the very first female pilot of the UAE air force. Her family lives in the capital Abu Dhabi where she also graduated in 2007 from Khalifa bin Zayed Air College. At 35, she rose from the ranks of the service dominated by male compatriots, with remarkable pace and became a major in no time.

She led a squadron of F-16 who from the UAE who took part in the blitzkrieg against the Islamic State jihadists in Syria last week. She was joined in the air by fighter troops from Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, France and Saudi Arabia. Her most notable company in the raid is Saudi royal – Prince Khaled bin Salman.

Despite their heroism, both Mansoori and Prince Khaled have received criticisms, even threats, from the ISIS symphatizers, condemning the two for their supposed “criminal acts” against the Islamic “holy war”.

The latest to come for the UAE fighter is an alleged denouncement from her family, disowning her for her participation in the raid.

Palestinian news agency Wattan has published an anonymous statement in Arabic supposedly expressing their disagreement with the female fighter’s involvement in the “brutal international aggression” against Syria and IS.

Roughly translated inEnglish, the statement read as follows according to a Daily Mail report: (Click here to read more)


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