Watch: Monster truck ploughs into people at car show killing 3

At least three people including a child were reportedly killed when a monster truck lost control and ploughed into a group of spectators at a Dutch car show on Sunday. Dozens were also injured in the horrifying accident captured on video by several onlookers.

The automobile exhibition, AutoMotorSportief, is a sporting event held annually in the eastern city of Haaksbergen in Netherlands near the German border.  Mayor Hans Gerritsen told in a news conference three people were killed and the injured are numbered between 15 and 30.

In several videos uploaded on You Tube, a monster truck can be seen driving over 5 parked vehicles as part of the demonstration before losing control and veering towards a group of people watching from behind the steel railings.

Screams can be heard, and panic ensued, as the giant car ploughed into the crowd knocking the guard railings which is the only protection that separates the people from the vehicles.

One of the show’s organizers, Geerlof Kanis, told the local media the guard rails were supposed to keep spectators an adequately safe distance from the cars participating in the show, but speculated the monster truck’s pedal could have got stuck or its brakes failed leading to the terrible rampage.

The incident triggered a large-scale emergency response including a trauma helicopter from Germany and two of the city’s hospitals implementing a disaster management plan. An emergency hotline number was also promptly announced to the public.

The pick-up truck involved has four tractor-size wheels and an engine equivalent to 1500 HP, almost the same as with the sports car. The giant vehicle was dubbed as “Sporty Car”.


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