Pinay OFW willing to pay P20K to get pregnant?

MANILA, Philippines – An interesting Facebook post by a woman offering money to any man who can get her pregnant is making rounds on social media recently.

The woman, identified by other blogsites as Shane Marie Gamboa and Rosemarie Catidral, is supposedly an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Dubai and is planning to come home before the year ends.

On her post in Filipino, the woman said she wants to have a child, but don’t necessarily need a husband. She then offered 20,000 (understood to be in Philippine peso) to anyone willing to grant her wish.

But she laid some conditions before she could agree to any interested party. First, the man must no longer see her after she became pregnant or visit the child after the birth. The ties between them ends right after moment she confirmed she’s carrying the baby.

Second, she also wants the potential father to be good-looking, preferably tall and fair-skinned, as she said she wants her baby to grow up beautiful or handsome.

She will pay the money once her pregnancy is confirmed, she said before ending her post with a promise to give more details once she got home.

And yes, there will be a contract to be signed by her and the “babymaker”.

The post has become viral and has been featured in several websites after a related article was published on pinoy trending.

Netizens, mostly men, have expressed their interest in fulfilling the woman’s wish as well as taking the P20,000 reward money.

Others, however, criticized the lady describing her as desperate and should have just adopted a child instead.

A cursory check on Facebook with the names of either Shane Marie Gamboa or Rosemari Catidral came up with no results. But according to pinoy trending, she must have deactivated her account after drawing flaks for her very seemingly unusual request.

The blogsite also wrote the woman replied to her detractors saying she doesn’t really need a husband after going through rough experiences with relationships in the past. She also prefers a biological child over an adopted one. (Click here to read more)


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