Shocking video of a toddler encouraged to smoke sparks outrage

To say that the clip below is a classic case of a bad parenting is an understatement.

A video of a toddler around 2 years of age being encouraged by adults in the background to smoke a cigarette has become the subject of online condemnation.

The child, in his baby suit, can be seen holding a lit cigarette while unseen adults were heard laughing and encouraging him to puff a smoke. The irresponsible guardians, possibly his parents, were obviously enjoying with what they were watching.

The boy, although confused, appears to know what he will do with the white stick in his tiny fingers as he keeps it close to his mouth most of the time; which means he could have been living with smokers in the same house and probably mimicking what he has been seeing.

At one point, the child even holds the cigarette to his nose while adult voices can be heard chuckling in amusement.

He also tried to give the cigarette back to someone in the background, but nobody took it.

The family in the video is believed to be from Russia where smoking at a very young age is common and prevalent.

Nevertheless, the despicable video which first appeared on Live Leak, triggered outrage from netizens who largely blamed the boy’s parents or guardians for being irresponsible.

“This is just too disgusting to watch….an innocent kid who does not know any better, and can only imitate and follow instruction from the people he trusts most…humanity has failed again,” wrote one Live Leak commenter.

“Beyond disgusting. Makes me want to punch the “adults” in the face and take the kid out of there. What a bunch of sh*tbags,” yet said another. (Click here to read more and watch the video)


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