American joins Kurdish troops in Syria to fight ISIS

An American frustrated with the slow response by the United States to the ISIS threats in the Middle East took things upon himself by joining the Kurdish group YPG in Syria to fight the Islamist extremists.

Jordan Matson, 28, from Racine Wisconsin said in an interview with USA Today he just couldn’t sit and watch while ISIS goes on a rampage killing Christians.

“I got sick of giving online sympathy. Five minutes of lip service does nothing. These people are fighting for their homes, for everything they have,” he told the newspaper.

Matson said he worked as a driver for a food company for six months and saved all the money he earned so he can go to Syria. He also broke up with his girlfriend.

Determined to join the battle against the ISIS, he searched online for a group fighting the jihadists and chose the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) because it was not a terrorist organization.

After a brief interview on phone, the Kurdish troop agreed to take him in. He flew from Chicago to Warsaw then to Istanbul, after which he drove to Diyarbaki in Turkey. He was met there by a YPG contact before he was driven into Iraq then crossed the border to Syria disguised as a doctor.

Before joining the Kurdish forces, Matson said he was disappointed with the seemingly delayed response of the United States against the spreading terror of the Sunni extremists in Iraq and Syria.

He lamented at how the US had to wait for the execution of an American citizen, James Foley, before it decided to launch air strikes.

“We just let the monster to grow and grow. For the U.S. government, it’s not about human life,” he said in the interview. “It’s about how they look in the opinion polls.”

Described by USA Today as tall and gray-haired, Matson admitted people may call him crazy for joining the war against ISIS but he appeared to be passionate about his new-found cause.

Latest report said he was wounded in his foot by a shrapnel from an ISIS mortar attack in Jazaa near the Iraqi border. He is now recovering in a hospital in northeastern Syria. (Click here to read more)


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