Terror experts warn of “World War III” if ISIS’ siege of Kobane succeeds

British terrorism experts and former security officials fears the world could be staring at the onset of another world war if the Syrian town of Kobane in the Turkish border finally falls to the Islamist jihadists Islamic State (IS), also known as ISIS.

The ISIS fighters have been desperately trying to take control of the town, while the Kurdish forces are gallantly, yet struggling, to repel them. The fighting between the two groups has lasted for several weeks, with the ISIS finally gaining control of about a third of the city.

Terror experts believes Kobane is an ISIS key point in their cause to bring the holy war to Europe, and ultimately throughout the world. The town is the last stop from Syria and by crossing the Turkish border would allow them to spread the jihad to the Western Europe via Turkey.

In fact, Former British foreign minister and ex-chair of the Security and Intelligence Committee Kim Howells said he received unverified information some ISIS jihadists have disguised themselves as Syrian refugees and have already crossed the Turkish border and planning to get into Europe, The Mirror reports.

Howells said some of these jihadists may actually be the same people who left Britain to join the ISIS in Syria and have ended coming back home.

The former British official admitted there are already some of them who successfully entered Britain as can be seen by the efforts of the Home Office to identify and remove them these people regarded as either terrorists, terrorist apologists, terrorists fundraisers or terrorists preachers.

He also blamed Turkey for playing a “strange game” and its border for being “extremely leaky”.

“They allow Isis fighters to move into Syria but they won’t let the Kurdish do the same to defend Kurdish cities because they consider the Kurdish to be a greater threat than Isis,” he said.

There are an estimated 200,000 people displaced by the Kobane fighting and have fled to Turkey amid lax border control. At the same time, Turkish soldiers, who camped just a few kilometers away from the battlefield, refused to intervene in the fight between Kurdish and ISIS troops.

Simon Weston, a former Welsh Guard and South Wales Police Commissioner, echoed Howells suspicion and said the whole world is under threat from ISIS.

“We are very much in the grip of what I believe is the Third World War,” Weston told Wales Online.” “It may be the beginning but we are in it.” (Click here to read more)


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