Mayweather picks another “fight” with ESPN analyst over Pacquiao

MANILA, Philippines – While Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues to duck from a Pacquiao dream match, at the same time, he continues to invite “fights” from almost anybody.

After a spat with a random woman who said she didn’t know the American boxer, Mayweather, this time, is figured in another word war with ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith who called out on him for choosing to fight with Amir Khan instead of facing the man everyone has been rooting for years – Pacman.

In an episode on First Take, Smith took a swipe at Mayweather over the latter’s decision to meet Amir Khan on the ring instead of either Miguel Cotto or Canelo Alvarez, or better yet, Manny Pacquiao.

Smith says Mayweather is ducking Pacman

“If you don’t fight Miguel Cotto, if you don’t fight Alvarez and you still avoid Pacquiao and you’re trying to sell us Amir Khan, not only we’ll finally believe that you’re ducking him, I will sit here… and advocate that nobody here will buy that fight [with Amir Khan]. And I will say so religiously, we want Pacquiao! Pacquiao! That’s what we want,” Smith said.

Before this, Smith said he still believes the undefeated American champion remains a “boxing magician”, particularly defensively, although the analysts thinks Mayweather looked slower in his last fight and got hit a bit too much. The supposed decline in Mayweather’ s performance is attributed to his being more preoccupied with “other things going on outside of the rings”, and not because of age or health.

Not one to take such criticisms very lightly, Mayweather quickly confronted Smith about what he said on First Take.

Mayweather don’t give a f*ck about Smith

In his interview withy Fight Hype, Mayweather downplays Smith’s critcisms, saying the analyst is just a critic who has an opinion like everybody else.

“Listen, I don’t give two flying f*cks about what Stephen A. Smith say. I ain’t never seen Stephen A. Smith dribble a basketball, catch a football, or box, so I can give two flying fucks what Stephen A. Smith say,” Mayweather retorted.

“I don’t care what Stephen A. Smith say. I guess, what, he’s going down in the ESPN Hall of Fame? Last time I checked, with or without Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather is going in the Boxing Hall of Fame,” the obviously annoyed Mayweather continued launching on a tirade against Smith.

“I’ve been dominating this sport for almost 20 years. I’m the only athlete to make a power move to be his own boss. I didn’t know that over at ESPN, Stephen A. Smith was a yes man,” he added.

Smith responded

Smith,on the other hand, responded in another episode of First Take and maintained his tone Mayweather has only one good opponent at the moment to prove he is putting his money where his mouth is, and it is not Amir Khan, but Filipino champ Manny Pacquiao.

“If Floyd avoids this fight, and he fights Miguel Cotto or Canelo Alvarez, I have no problem, but if he avoids this fight and takes on Amir Khan, I will come on national television and I will acknowledge to you that Floyd “Money” Mayweather is avoiding Manny Pacquiao,” he reiterated this time.

But Smith quickly clarifies he is not on Pacman’s side, but only want the mega fight between the two best pound-for-pound fighters in the world to finally happen, like everyone else.

In fact, on Twitter, Smith said he believes Mayweather will knockout Pacquiao and his respect for the American champion as a great boxer does not change. (Click here to read more)


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