Husband leaves new wife a “harsh” note, but that’s not the best part

Here’s a perfect example of how a husband can be “rude” and wonderful at the same time.

One evening a newly-wed wife prepared a dinner for her husband who will be coming home from work before she, herself, left to pick some things.

When she returned, the hubby was nowhere to be found. On the table was a note in white paper, written by her man, and expressing her feeling over the food she had cooked for him.

It appeared “a little bit harsh” at first glance, something she would never expect from her husband. And so Stefanie, the wife, read the note from Max, the husband. It read:

Dear Stefanie,

Dinner was awful

And it smelled

So I am leaving you

I have just to go

I have taken all my things

Just can’t stand you

I won’t be back

I have had enough

Enjoy your life



But before she broke down into tears, she found another piece. One which completed the real message her husband would really like to say. Written on it were words, continuations of the first piece.

And everything ends well, perhaps, even more wonderful for both of them.

This story was shared on Reddit by one user and sparked a long thread of hilarious comments, mostly about what would happen when the wife didn’t find the second note, or what if she had already committed terrible acts, such as burning his clothes, before she found the second piece. (Click here to read more)


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