Watch: Furious woman berates hospital staff in Isabela

An amateur video of a visibly irked woman allegedly berating staff of a hospital in Isabela has been making rounds on social media recently. The same clip was also uploaded on You Tube and is embedded in this article.

The video, presumably taken using a mobile phone, has become the talking point among netizens arguing why the lady is so mad and has to act in a very rude manner towards the hospital employees.

The woman can be seen yelling at the top of her voice, scolding the people around for their supposed inefficiency, and demanding answers to her questions in a not-so-pleasant way.

To respect her privacy, the furious lady will not be identified in this article, although she herself mentioned her name while talking to one of the staff. At one point, she even dropped the name of a former Department of Health (DOH) secretary, Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan, insinuating they are related to each other.

It was not immediately known what made the woman blew her top, but listening from the video below, it appears to have something to do with an accident involving a motorcycle and the hospital staff’s supposed incompetence to attend to one of the victims.

When one of the nurses was unable to give the number of the doctor she was asking for, the woman admonished her sarcastically, saying: “Wow ikaw ang in-charge ng ER, alam nya ang number!” (Wow, you are in-charge of the ER, she doesn’t know the number.)

The behavior of the woman in question has enraged most netizens for being unprofessional, to say the least. Yet, some defended her as the source of her outburst is unknown, and for one reason or another, her actions may just be justifiable. (Click here to read more)


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