Watch: Woman knocks down with one punch a man who mistakes her for prostitute

The poor gents in the short You Tube video below didn’t see it coming. It was one punch he would never forget in his entire life. And it came from a woman.

The incident happened to 32-year-old Kondrat Golubev from the city of Atyrau in eastern Kazakhstan during one night of clubbing. It was witnessed by another club-goer Anatoli Pokrovski, who had the chance to film the clip on his mobile.

Golubev was in a club in the city with friends one night when he suddenly felt the urge to smoke. He then went outside for a puff when he chanced upon two women.

According to Povkroski, who was waiting outside for his girlfriend, Golubev approached the girls and tried to invite them for a drink inside. He was refused and told to get lost.

Instead of heeding the girls’ advice, Golubev decided to insult them, asking the women if they are sex workers and how much would it cost him to get them for a round or two. An argument ensued between the man and the couple.

Clearly offended and obviously furious at the stranger’s put-down, one of the girls decided to take the matters into her own hands, literally.

She took the swing with her right hand and hit the man hard on the face, sending him to the pavement, flat on his back – a knock down. He can be heard groaning in pain before the other girl kicked him in the groin.

The two ladies then left the scene as if nothing happened. (Click here to read more)


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