Why ISIS is not gaining ground in Kobane battle vs Kurdish troops

The Islamic State (IS), also known as ISIS, struggled to take control of Kobane despite ferocious attacks against the lightly-armed Kurdish Peshmerga warriors, and the jihadists may have found themselves in a losing battle, an analyst has observed.

In his article published on CNN, Justin Bronk wrote the IS extremists are now committed to a battle in the open, a street-to-street fight, in which they become vulnerable to US-led airstrikes.

Against Kurdish troop who is restricted by territorial border on one side, ISIS is facing an enemy who doesn’t have much choice but to fight back, or die trying, making them more dangerous than they normally are.

For over a month, the Kurds have displayed exceptional gallantry and determination to defend their territory and prevent ISIS from overrunning Kobane altogether, despite being outpowered by the extremists’ heavier and more powerful weapons. The airstrikes have helped them to a certain extent, but still not enough to drive the ISIS away from the town.

“Despite having surrounded Kobani and conducting aggressive and apparently well-coordinated infiltration attempts from multiple approaches, the sort of street-to-street “meat grinder” that Kobane has become does not play to ISIS’s strengths,” Bonk said.

Justin Bronk, a military research analyst at London’s Royal United Service Institute, further wrote the brave Kurds have employed a tactic which has been proven to becoming effective, and that is by luring the ISIS into a street battle, thus making the latter easy targets of airstrikes.

This unconventional method has rendered the Islamist extremist ineffective in cutting the Kurdish supply routes along the Syrian-Turkish border – an essential factor to the defender’s continued stand against the extremists.

Latest report by the Daily Mail, quoting Kurdish commander Baharin Kandal, said the remarkable defense and retaliation by the Kurds has forced the ISIS to retreat and abandon most of their positions inside the city, except for two “small pockets of hold-outs” in the outskirts.

The intensified air raid over the last few days by US and Arab fighter planes has resulted in dramatic slowdown of ISIS advances, and perhaps more significantly, into their heavy losses. (Click here to read more)


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