Watch: Brave female store clerk chases two armed robber with bottled water

Two gun-wielding men who attempted to rob a store in Russia proved to be no match to a feisty female shopkeeper who thwarted the evil plan by bravely fighting back and chasing the culprits with no more than bottled water in hand as a ‘weapon’.

In the 25-second clip captured on the store’s closed circuit television (CCTV), two men wearing in a black-hooded jacket entered a grocery store in the south-eastern city of Irkutsk, one of them holding a gun.

One of the robbers then climbed a freezer and threatened store clerk Lolita Bezrukova, 33, who was busy filling empty shelves at that time, with a gun to hand over the store earnings.

Unfortunately for the thugs, the brave shop keeper did not flinch despite the danger and fight it off with the men. The criminals, moments later, apparently resigned to the fact she is not the one easily cowered by threats even at gun point, decided to backtrack and leave the store.

Bezrukova then grabbed a plastic bottled water, swinging it over her head, chased the two thieves as they scamper away with nothing but a courageous woman running after them.

Efimiya Prokhorova, who was out in the street and witnessed the incident could only feel amused at the sight before her, although she said she felt something is wrong.

“It was almost comical, but also very brave of her,” she told The Mirror. “The robbers were clearly panicked and she was running after them shouting she would smash their butts.” (Click here to read more and watch the video)

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