Watch: ‘Jealous’ man warns Pres. Obama “not to touch his girlfriend”

Who on earth would have the courage to threaten the most powerful man on the planet – the president of the United States, face-to face?

Very few, perhaps, and one man just recently did that while President Barack Obama was voting inside a polling station in Chicago last Monday.

But what was more epic was how the US president handled the encounter in a hilarious and, perhaps, the most ‘presidential’ manner.

The video below showed Obama standing next to a woman, identified as Aia Cooper, when a man suddenly walked past and jokingly warned the president saying: “Don’t’ touch my girlfriend.”

The boyfriend who was feigning jealousy over his woman standing beside Obama was identified as Mike Jones.

The flabbergasted woman, almost apologetic and embarrassed at her boyfriend’s surprise reaction, was initially lost for words until the quick-witted Obama decided to ride with the joke and said: “I really wasn’t planning on it.”

Aia, who quickly recovered from the momentary bewilderment, then apologized to the president: “I am sorry, please excuse him.”

But Obama, who seemed to be in a very good spirit that day, took the joke even further, to everybody’s amusement.

“There’s an example of a brother just…just embarrassing you for no reason,” the president continued. “Just for no reason whatsoever.”

Obama then told Aia she will be going back home talking with friends about what happened and asked her boyfriend’s name, to which the still astounded lady replied: “Mike.” (Click here to read more)


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