The VFA did this”: Family releases gruesome photo of dead Jennifer Laude

MANILA, Philippines – For the first time since the gruesome murder of transgender Jennifer Laude, the family released in public photos of dead victim allegedly killed by US Marine Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton on the night of October 11.

During a press conference at the University of the Philippines, lawyer Harry Roque and members of the Laude family presented to the media the horrifying pictures of Jennifer’s corpse just after she was found dead.

One photo showed Jennifer slumped, face down on a toilet bowl and apparently naked while another showed the battered and bruised face of the victim. It came with the caption “The VFA did this!”

Roque said the family was initially reluctant to go public with the picture since they wanted the people to remember Jennifer only as “beautiful”, but eventually pushed through to show how grave was the crime committed against their loved one.

“The family have decided to go public with the pictures in order for the nation to understand the grief that they have been feeling, with the sense of anger over the injustice that despite the circumstances of this crime, not only have we failed to exercise jurisdiction over the person of this suspected murderer, but the tables have been turned on the family,” Roque said.

In the same press conference, Roque blamed the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) between the Philippines and the United States as the culprit for bringing “criminals” like Pemberton to the Philippine shore.

The lawyer added it is also the VFA that prevented the Philippine National Police from conducting proper investigation and gathering evidences, to the frustrations of the Laude family who desperately cry for truth and justice.

Why has Pres. Aquino turned a deaf ear?

Jennifer mother, Julita Laude, who was present at the press conference hit back at President Benigno “PNoy” Aquino for turning a deaf ear against their cry for justice.

“Bakit nagbingi-bingihan ang Presidente, hindi ba ito tumagos sa puso mo?” she cried tearfully. “Anong klase ka, wala kang kwenta! Nakikita mo kaming mahirap,hindi mo pa rin kami pinapansin.”

(Why has the President turned a deaf ear? Is this not heartbreaking enough for you? You are worthless. You saw us suffer, and yet you chose to ignore us.) (Click here to read more)


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