Karaoke singer attacks cross-eyed audience over ‘funny look’

A man was enjoying his ‘performance’ at a sing-a-long restaurant in Chengdu, southwestern part of China when his sight caught on a ‘funny look’ from a man among the audience, and thought he was being laughed at.

Kang Han, 28, feeling insulted, immediately accosted the man after finishing his song. He attacked the poor victim by kicking him in the face sending the man to floor, bloodied and genuinely surprised.

It turned out, the victim, 32-year-old Dong Chu, is cross-eyed and the ‘funny look’ was just his normal way of looking at people.

Both Kang and Dong are said to be regular customers at the bar and the latter happens to be watching Kang’s performance from just within a short distance prior to the assault.

One witness, a waiter named Hui Feng said the victim was just “enjoying himself along with everybody else and just having a drink and a laugh” when the suspect suddenly confronted him for giving the ‘funny look’ which supposedly provoked Kang to launch the vicious attack.

The restaurant manager had to intervene to stop the fight until the police arrived.

“The man was kicking the guy on the floor and yelling at him to stop giving him a funny look,” manager Ting Shen said. “When I tried to calm him down, he pushed me off and kicked the man again.” (Click here to read more and watch the video)


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