ISIS militants consume truckloads of Red Bull to stay alert in battle

The Islamic State (IS) is feeding its fighters with the popular energy drink Red Bull to keep them alert and awake during battles, reports from the Turkish media said.

This was revealed after the owner of a Turkey-based trucking admitted they are making enormous profits from deliveries of truckloads of Red Bull supplies crossing borders into Syria.

At the same time, ISIS high ranking commanders are also making the business a cash cow by controlling the check points and extorting money from truck drivers who are delivering supplies into Damascus.

“Every day we have four or five trucks carrying Red Bulls to Syria,” owner of Cem-Ay transport said. “Buyers on the Syrian side don’t identify themselves to the transporters.”

Despite pressure from the United States and the European Union for Turkey to exert more effort in controlling the flow of trade into Syria and cripple the ISIS financial arteries, Ankara has done little and, in fact, keeps the trading open and legal.

It has been reported there remains a steady flow of supplies including cement, wheat, oil and vegetables from Turkish companies into Syria. But the most popular of which is high- caffeine Red Bull.

This year alone up to September, the shipment trading between Turkey and the war-torn Syria has recorded $1.3 billion of goods transported, the latest trade statistics in Ankara has published according to Bloomberg.

For the Red Bull consignment alone, $260 million worth of the energy drinks shipment crossed into the northern Syrian town of Bab al-Salamah and Bab al-Hawa, which is both adjacent to Cilvegozu and Oncupinar, Turkish towns being used as a supply route.

These two Syrian towns are controlled by the Islamic Front, a militant group who is in deep and continuous battle with the Islamic State. (Click here to read more)


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