WATCH: Brave Syrian boy dodges sniper bullets to save girl

A Syrian boy becomes the latest subject of admiration and praise from netizens for his courage and remarkably heroic act by bravely dodging bullets fired by a sniper in order to rescue a girl.

The video of the boy’s harrowing ordeal was uploaded on You Tube by activist Shaam News channel and was viewed almost close to half-a-million times just after two days.

The minute-long amateur clip supposedly took place in an unnamed Syrian village as rubbles and war-torn buildings can be seen in the background.

The clip started with a man coming out of the building and running outside being chased by a volley of gunshots from an unseen shooter. Arabic-speaking voices can be heard shouting Allahu Akbar all throughout the footage.

About 30 seconds into the video, the camera focused on a small figure lying on the ground which turned out to be a boy. He then got up slowly and tried to run towards the direction of a car just a few meters away as shots can be heard being fired behind him.

The horrifying scene suddenly turned scary halfway through when the boy, appeared to have been hit by the sniper bullets, dropped to the ground.

Apparently he was only playing dead. Moments later he stood up again and continued towards the vehicle where a girl, presumably his sister, was crouching behind and waiting to be saved. (Click here to read more)


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