Woman accused of killing nephew paraded naked in public on a donkey

A 45-year-old woman from the remote village of Thurawad in the northern state of Rajasthan in India suffered public humiliation after the tribal court ordered her stripped naked and paraded on a donkey. She was accused of murdering her nephew.

A report from Times of India said the panchayat, a council of elders widely respected by villagers, handed out the harsh punishment following a meeting with members on Saturday evening.

The shocking incident was only revealed in media after the woman’s husband filed a complaint with the police.

Before the public shaming ritual, the woman’s face was reportedly blackened with a charcoal before she was stripped naked in the middle of the village and forced to sit on the back of a donkey. Her head was also shaved.

She was then marched around the village for an hour on the same evening.

The woman was reportedly accused by her nephew’s wife of killing the latter’s husband, Vardi Singh, who died under mysterious circumstances on November 02. Singh died of still unknown cause because the family cremated his body before the police could investigate but others said he may have killed himself.

The suspecting wife, however, went to the panchayat council for consultation, after which the sentence was meted out following a public hearing of the case.

The police have arrested around 30 people in connection with the incident including 9 members of the family who accused the woman of murder. All suspects have been booked for various charges.

The victim has been taken under the care of a women shelter to receive counselling. The police have also provided her security. (Click here to read more)


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