Saudi dad tricks daughter into marriage; swaps ‘handsome’ groom with an old man

A 17-year old girl from the southern region of Jazan in Saudi Arabia wanted her marriage contract aborted after she was allegedly tricked by her own father. She went to the court who eventually ruled in her favor.

According to Gulf News, the girl’s father had arranged a marriage for her daughter. He took a young, handsome man in his 20’s to their home and presented him to the girl, to which she readily agreed to the proposal.

However, the soon-to-be bride got the shock of her life after discovering her groom’s age stated in the contract that was drawn up later turned out to be over 90 years old.

Apparently, the father only used the ‘handsome’ man as an accomplice to dupe his daughter into marriage with the real intention of marrying her to his nonagenarian friend living in the nearby village in the western city of Madina.

Saudi Arabian customs gives authority to the custodian to arrange and sign the marriage contract of his or her children. The father was reportedly divorced from his wife leaving the daughter under his care.

The girl refuses to obey his father and decided to leave home after she found out he bought her a ticket and forced her to join and live with the old man. She then called the police to intervene and asked for legal assistance. (Click here to read more)


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