Chinese tourist dries undies in plain view at Thai airport

No, she didn’t wash her dirty linen in public, she just hung them to dry for everyone else to see – at an airport.

Travelers and onlookers at Thailand’s Chiang Mai Airport terminal were equally amazed and shocked at the sight of a Chinese woman sitting at a lounge surrounded by her wet underwears draping over the seats while she cozily preoccupied herself with her phone.

Photos of said Chinese tourist were uploaded on social media and quickly went viral with netizens mostly appalled at such a shameless attitude by someone visiting another country.

The images which were widely circulated on social media shows a pink bra, a black panty and another dress across the top of the terminal’s departure lounge seats drawing criticisms from netizens for such an inappropriate attitude.

What stunned onlookers, however, is that the woman doesn’t seem to mind despite the curious stares from people passing by and taking photos of her. The woman’s indifference has further outraged some social media people especially that she supposedly claimed six seats in all to mark her territory with her bra and panty.

“Doesn’t their country teach the concept of manners?” the Coconuts Bangkok has quoted one commenter as saying.

“Definitely rude… but it looks like her wet bikini and coverup dress she probably wore at the beach before arriving at the airport,” said another commenter who was also disgusted but tried to offer some explanation.

Other people, however, defended the woman saying she could have come from a pool and needed to dry her underwear before boarding a flight. The airport is not crowded any way, others said.

It was not immediately known when did the incident happened but it was believed to have taken place two weeks ago but only picked up by the media lately. The woman is said to be waiting for her return flight to China which was due at 9PM on that day. (Click here to read more)


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