“I surrender”: The story behind this haunting photo of a Syrian girl

Her face is cherubic, but her innocent eyes could not hide the fears. The trepidations and atrocities the victims suffered during years of continuing conflict in Syria could have not been expressed better in the look of this young Syrian girl who “surrendered”, with both arms raised.

The photographer who took this photo said the young Syrian girl mistook his camera for a weapon and dutifully raised her arms in surrender, scared and with lips pursed in quiet obedience.

The child in the picture is identified as 4-year-old girl Adi Hudea. Her father was killed in 2012 in Haman massacre. She now lives with her traumatized mother and three other siblings in a refugee camp in Atmen.

The haunting image was captured by Turkish photojournalist Osman Sagirli during a visit to the Syrian refugee camp close to the Turkish border in December.

The picture was uploaded on social media early this week and has since gone viral, touching the heart of million people across the internet , when it was tweeted by a Palestine-based journalist Nadia Abu Shaban with the caption: “Thought he has a weapon not a camera so she gave up.”

It has been retweeted more than 14,000 times since and widely shared on different websites across the world.

The poignant image also triggered an onslaught of emotional responses from social media users who can only sympathize with the plights of the innocents who were inadvertently caught in terrible conflicts. (Click here to read more)

“I’m actually weeping seeing this. We’ve made this planet a horrible place, haven’t we?’, one tweeted.


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